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A month of lessons is a great way to inspire a new student or reawaken a musician who is bored with their playing. Give a month or more of private music instruction with one of our exclusive lesson gift cards.

The best way to learn:

One-on-one music instruction is a time-honored way of learning to play. Due to the complex nature of how we interact with a musical instrument the feedback of a private instructor is essential. While it is possible to learn in a group setting, the distractions and limited individual interaction may drastically inhibit your progress. Private lessons are one-on-one sessions which meet once a week. During your lesson, you and your instructor focus on your goals and progress at a relaxed, comfortable pace.

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Because our music lessons are private you won’t have to deal with a room full of kids or an intimidating group of experienced players. All you need is a desire to play or improve and our teachers will take you where you want to go at your own pace. Your private lesson will be fun and tailored specifically towards your interests and goals. You’ll have fun, progress at your own pace and learn what interests you. Weekend and evening lessons are available for busy schedules.

Learn to play guitar, not pretend!

While some programs teach you to pretend to be a rock star. We teach you how to play your instrument and great players ROCK best! For legitimate ensemble experience our Thousand Oaks location offers RockShop™ which is a group setting that supplements private study. In addition, we also offer Student Showcase events without the hype and exorbitant fees.

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